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Raising An Adult

  • Katie Lieberman, LCSW 1390 South 1100 East, Suite 106 Salt Lake City, UT 84105 (map)

In 1990, the word “helicopter parent” first emerged in social science literature to describe a troubling shift that was beginning within American families.  Nearly 27 years later, the term “helicopter parent” has become the normative parenting standard, and a generation of Millennials is now facing adulthood without the tools needed to manage careers, families and even themselves.

In her upcoming parenting lecture, “Raising An Adult,” Katie Lieberman, LCSW will guide parents in creating a new roadmap for raising competent healthy adults, drawing from ground-breaking new literature from Daniel Siegel, Judith Lycott-Haims and other prominent social science researchers. Together, we will explore the common parenting pitfalls that prevent kids from achieving resiliency and independence. This lecture will give you the tools needed at every age to ensure your child is prepared for a successful future. 

 In this class, we will cover the following topics (and much more):

  • The Neuroscience behind childhood and adolescent behavior
  • The Necessary Components of Resiliency
  • Breaking the Cycle of Helicopter Parenting
  • Creating a structure at home to help your child learn independence, empathy and responsibility.
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