How Does Therapy Work?

The process of therapy begins with a client seeking a therapist  to provide support during a challenging time. A trained therapist offers a compassionate and confidential space wherein a client can examine obstacles to success, gain effective tools to manage their stress and learn new life skills. A trained therapist will utilize research-based techniques and methods throughout the process. The right "fit" between client and therapist in crucial to ensuring therapy will be successful.

How Long Will I Need to be in Therapy?

It Depends. Some people benefit from short-term therapy (2-3 months) to successfully overcome their challenges. Others will need more time. In some cases, therapy can last over a year or longer. The goal of therapy is always to ensure that a client gains the necessary skills for emotional growth in the shortest amount of time.

How Much Do Sessions Cost?

An hour session costs $125.00. However, there are options for a client to use out-of-network insurance benefits (see below) or to utilize a payment plan to cover the cost of sessions gradually over time. For a percentage of clients who cannot afford therapy, I offer a sliding scale discount to ensure therapy can still be possible on a limited budget.

Can I Use My Insurance?

I am a contracted insurance mental health provider with PEHP of Utah. I am also able to accept out-of-network insurance benefits with many insurance providers. I can provide all the paperwork needed to assist with insurance reimbursement. I am happy to discuss whether your specific insurance plan will allow for coverage in my practice.

How Do I schedule an Appointment?

Email works best as I am often in session during the day. You can reach me at: I am happy to answer any questions as well. My phone number is: 801.880.9623. I look forward to hearing from you.